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Aquatic animals

   Effects of rumen-protected choline chloride on production performance and serum biochemical paramete 10.9.2011
   Effect of Adding Rumen-Protected Choline on Milk Performance in Lactating Dairy Cows 10.9.2011
   Effect of LipidMate on production performance of weaning piglet 3.10.2011
   Comparison between import emulsifier samples and LipidMate on many indexes 3.10.2011
   The research report of stability of coated sodium butyrate 1.28.2011
   The effect of different types of sodium butyrate on production performance of growing swine 1.27.2011
   Preparation and In Vitro Release of Tilmicosin Liposomes 7.6.2010
   The application research of different form coated sodium butyrate on production performance of nurse 7.6.2010
   Effects of selenomethionine and sodium selenite supplementation on growth performance, meat quality, 7.1.2010
   Effects of Different Sources of Dietary Selenium Supplementation on Growth Performance, Meat Quality 7.1.2010
   Effect of different selemethionine form and level on performance of breeding hens and Se distributio 6.30.2010
   Effect of coated sodium butyrate on production performance of fattening pigs 6.26.2010
   Selenomethionine: an effective selenium source for sow to improve Se distribution, antioxidant statu 6.24.2010
   Effect of different selenium sources on productive performance, serum and milk Se concentrations 6.24.2010
   Effects of different selenium source on selenium distribution, loin quality and antioxidant status i 6.24.2010

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